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Hi all ,

I've a use where a user  needs to do an excel upload . The user can first download the excel template which has all he headers and populate it with the data required and do an excel upload . I want to check weather the uploaded excel  has the correct template or not . What is the best way to do that . I have used cell read in the advanced excel component but this excel has more than 50 headers .

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Hello Prachi,

If the header row is all you want to validate between the template and the uploaded file, then the attached oml will do it.

I used Advanced Excel forge component actions to read the header cell values and concatenate them into a single string. Then I compare the Template header string and the Excel header string to validate.

I processed a 100 column template and excel file without issues.

Basically you should get the general idea and be able to tweak the logic as desired.

Hope this solves it,




Thanks AJ  I was able to use this logic for my usecase

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