Bug change mobile app icon in Android platform

I had changed the application icon from default, and then I re-build the .apk file but the icon app, and I got an icon bug (as shown in the attached image). And again, I had to undo my edit, but it always got this problem. How I solve it?

Hi Pongsakorn,

You can edit the application and change the icon and then build the apk or IPA again to make it reflect in your case it should reflect can you please retry again.

 alternatively if want to change App icon from different- different resolution device you can change it using below link using resource and extensibility configurations.

Can you please check and build again the apk  uninstall the old application and install again and see  this will definitely work.




Thx Dileep Verma,

I found issue by resolution size of icon that lager or something, but when I resize to smaller, it not bug anymore.

Good to hear that you are able to resolve it.



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