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Is there any way to get all lines data as JSON instead of the Changed Lines only?

I found a GridAPI.GridManager.GetSelectedRowsData but I wanted something like GridAPI.GridManager.GetGridData.

If there is any way to select all the rows through API i could do that and then use GridAPI.GridManager.GetSelectedRowsData.

If there is any other way that you might know please let me know!


Hi Takeru Mazuelos,

Thank you for bringing this to discussion.

As you mention, there is no API neither to get all the data from the Grid, nor to select all rows. This methods haven't been added do to potential performance issues, and do to lack of use case for them.

Before, providing you a work around, can you please tell us what is your use case.

Thank you in advance,

In the end I just did a loop to get all the data. At the moment it is not lagging so it's quite good. I still have to figure out how to get all data in case there is pagination.

I understand this is not commonly used, my case is very specific, where the data loaded has to be separately saved.

Thank you for your reply.


What I'm missing to understand, is why you need to get the data from the Grid, if it actually comes from your server/DB. As such, you can perform all this in server-side.

It would be great if you could actually detail a bit more your use case, since it might have impact in the team's decision, and with that benefit much more users of this component.

Waiting to hear from you,


  Reuse one Button for Save and update  . 

JSONDeserializeAlignMode  needed to accept like this (GetChangedLines.ChangedLines.EditedLines or GetChangedLines.ChangedLines.AddedLines ) 
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