Form is showing the first values stored after sync

Hello everybody,

I have a form that has some checkboxes and some input fields. This form should work offline so after I enter data, I save and I sync the form is not empty but it takes the first stored values and shows them filled. For example all the checkboxes and all the input entered before and that now is stored first in the database. I cleaned the database until there were no values and when I filled the form again for a couple of times was doing the same. 

Since I think the problem is the "save" and sync I took some screenshot on how they are working now

First screen shot is the save button, second screeshot inside the "CreateorUpdateLocalMea..." client action, 3rd is the sync button and 4th inside the TriggerOfflineDataSync Client action. 

Sorry for the long text. I thank you in advance.

Kind regards,



Hi Gerantina,

It would probably more easy for community members to help you if you share an OML of your code.

Your screenshots are lacking detail to figure out what needs to be improved.



Hi Gerantina, 

As daniel said, its ware minimum to understand the problem, I would be good if you attach the oml.

I am just guessing base on your explanations,  I think the problem is your filter aggregate you have assigned to the Form, that is getting the current index value from the aggregate and the aggregate is having sort by ID in ascending order and every time it is taking the very first saved value from the database and displaying there post save.

So you need to handle that properly, it would be good if you can send oml file  so that we can refer and provide the solutions.


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