Editable Table Disable "Enter" Key to Save New Row


With the Editable table, I am experiencing an issue when using Javascript in the extended properties to disable the enter key so that when a user is adding a new row and presses, enter: nothing will happen instead of a new row being added.

To do this, I use this code:

"return event.keyCode != 13;"

With onkeydown extended property.

It disables the enter button but only after I add a new row to the table. It never works on the first time that the editable table is loaded.

Anyone have a solution to this? Thanks!


Hi Justin Papin,

As per the suggestion of José Ramalho in this post https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/13337/editable-tables-what-if-you-dont-need-all-the-features/

Herewith i have the oml and the url.

Screen name:  EditableTableNormal

Hope this helps!




Thank you! This solution worked. I went through that post but not the OML. I didn't know that expression widgets can be used this way.

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