[InputMask React] Problem when OS validates if input value is a valid numer when has "." char
Forge component by João Barata
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When I try to use mask number on input, and use EU format ("," separator for decimals, and "." for group), when OS try to "validate" if input has "correct format" say that is incorrect. The test is very very quicly:

  1. create an empty module, add mask reference, create and entity with 2 fields, name and decimal, and scafold this entity to create list and detail page
  2. Add the mask to input value, with this config
  3. When click on "save", Outsystems try to validate input format and print an error

The problem is "." character. If you use a number shoter, without ".", don't fail. 

In previous component version, we solve it internally doing this:

But in this versión the wrapper js code has change, so ... could you take a look?



Hi @Carlos Olías,

I believe that the latest version of the component already fixes this issue.

Could you give it a try?

It's working fine with this last version, thanks a lot!

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