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Hi all,

Do you have any plans to become a standard part of outsystems?

I want to use this component  in many enterprise application (300 or more).

Forge components are less stable than standard components, so they are frequently upgraded.

The frequency of applying version upgrades to many applications that are already in production is likely to increase.

I know it's being developed by the good Outsystems R&D team, but the standard components are more reassuring.

Best regards,



Hi Hide,

Forge components are not updated frequently, just because they are less stable. They just have an independent lifecycle from the standard components. Which makes sense, so that they can be updated more frequently ad independent of standard component upgrade frequency.

The DataGrid is a developed, maintained and supported by OutSystems under the terms of a customer's subscription. A higher grade of Forge component quality does not exist.

I don't see how you conclude that standard components are more reassuring here, it would only mean you have to wait longer for a platform upgrade to get something fixed.

The component is developed by OutSystems, supported by OutSystems.



Hi Daniel,

I understand that the Forge component has its own update lifecycle, which is also a benefit.

However, applying component upgrades to my application can be very costly. I have to verify that the application works properly. Especially when the frequency is high.

I can't judge right now, so I'd like to keep an eye on it for a while.

Best Regards,



I agree updates are costly in terms of validating they will not break your code. But just be aware the same counts for a platform upgrade, where you depend on OutSystems to provide the fix for you. A Forge component you can fix yourself if you need too.

Hello @Hide Iwamo,

The reasoning behind this component (and Data Grid reactive) to be Forge components is the fact that is decoupled from the OutSystems Platform lifecycle.

Although upgrading applications can be costly (we have a team dedicated to improve this upgrade process) we believe that this allows to have faster new features and fixes available for you to build applications for your customers.

If the component was attached to a platform server version it would take longer to release new features and, for your customers to be able to use the new features they would have to make a full platform upgrade. From talking to our customers (not all, that would be impossible) it takes some time, in order of months, to upgrade the platform version, so something that was finished developed in January would probably available for you just in June, making you (and other developers) have to wait.

Please let us know your thoughts on this,


Bruno Martinho

Hello Daniel and Bruno,

In the case of forge componet, the frequency of updates is high, 

but it is a trade-off relationship that it takes time to apply it to the application.

I would like to determine when to apply the update.

Best Regards,


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