Unable to delete data from custom table
Application Type
Service Studio Version
11.11.7 (Build 45559)


I am unable to delete data from table. 

I usually do, 

 Delete from {tablename};

 Exec('com'+'mit') ;

These comments with SQL widget with some dummy structure or same entity. 

This is throwing error now stating "commit is present so query did not executed".

Is there any changes I should do here or am I missing anything, Kindly help me. 


Venkatesh S


Hello there Venkatesh,

If you're trying to delete data from an entity directly from Service Studio (testing an SQL query), that way doesn't work anymore.

If you're calling an action that executes that query, you don't need to do a commit.

If you simply want to delete data from entities and clear them out, I suggest that you create a back office screen and some actions inside of it for that purpose.

Check this documentation that may guide you:


Kind regards,

Rui Barradas

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