I want to Press the stamp on the PDF
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Traditional Web

I want to create stamp and Press the stamp on the PDF

Can anyone share the demo

I attached the sample stamp

Hello Amr

Please try the pdf-add-image-watermark forge component to stamp the PDF on all pages of the document.

If you just want to stamp a particular page, you could try the pdf-stamper forge component.

Hope this helps,



I cannot use

I cannot open it


Hi DHA Amr,

What do you mean with you cannot use it / open it. Are you not able to download it from the Forge?

The component is for OutSystems version 11, I tried and was able to download it and the demo without any problems.

Maybe you share a screenshot of the error you get when you try to use/download the component?




Yes, that is integration studio, what is wrong with it? I would say you do not need to edit the extension, so no need to open integration studio. 

What you need to do is to go to module of your application where you want to add the stamp to a PDF, and set a reference to the module PDF_Tools and then the action Stamp.

PDF stamper download on desktop

I cannot see it on manage dependencies.

How can I use it


PDF_Utils is there in dependency right.

Plugin name is PDF Stamper

Extension name is PDF_Utils.

you can refer the screenshot that you have attached!



Hi @Ellakkiya S

I can see this

is it right?

yes, correct

let me try with the sample PDF Stamper and update you soon

Any one can share the sample oml by using the PDF Stamper

Hello Amr,

Please review the attached oml.

As mentioned on the PDF Stamper component page, you have to assign the appropriate values for the x,y,w and h properties in the range of 0.0 and 1.0 to position the stamp as you desire.

To run the demo you also need to install the File System component if you do not have it already.

This was quite a unique request in the forum, I hope this solves it for you.




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