Hello Experts,

I'm using DB Cleaner on Steroids to see the table space usage.

I found a high space allocated to this table: OSLTM_MODULEVERSIONPRODUCERSIG which is under LifeTimeCore.ModuleVersionProducerSignature module.

It's always increasing, and getting bigger which consumes huge storage in the environment.

I know this is a system table, but is there a way to clean old data from this table or to reduce its size? So I can free up some space from the environment.



Hi Hasan,

Lifetime takes care of cleaning up that table every week ensuring that data that is not needed anymore is deleted. The size of that table is as big as the factory: more modules, more deployments might generate more records and since this keeps the module version it stores binary data.

If the weekly clean up of the data does not help with storage space, I'd recommend opening a support case with OutSystems so it can be proper taken care of. 

Deleting records might affect the proper functioning of Lifetime.

Thank you Cristiana.

Is there a way to trigger the "cleaning up" process of the Lifetime manually? Better than waiting one week for the automatic process?

Anyway, I raised a support case, hoping this can be managed in better way in the future.



I'm not sure that's available, and even if it was I wouldn't recommend it.

Since you are already in touch with our Support, let's wait for their analysis on why it's taking so much space that you feel the need to clean it up and how it can be fixed/prevented.

It's solved now, either by the weekly cleaning job of LifeTime or by the support team!

I suggested an idea for this, to add an option in LifeTime to trigger the cleaning job manually during the week, and it will act the same as the weekly job, so it still be managed by LifeTime, but it's all about timing:

Thank you Cristiana!

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