Accordion with different web block
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11.11.4 (Build 43813)


Is it possible to have different web block per accordion item?

Using list ?

Hi Elmer,

Is it possible to have different web block per accordion item? => YES, its possible.

You can use list and inside content you can use IF widget to have many web block you want.

Hope this help,


Thanks Khuong, 

However, can it be dynamically created without the use of IFs widget? I'm just wondering that a variable or  some sort holds the dynamic web block.?

Hi Elmer, 

I'm not sure what exactly do you want to archive, however the idea is that web block is a pre-defined of logic and design you can pass some variable into a web block then inside you can do something like "dynamic" things. Such as base on some values you can use other web blocks inside.

One more thing that you can take a look is "Placeholder" widget.



Hi Khuong, 

The idea is to have a different "Block". The "block" changes for every row in the list making it dynamic

Refering to sreenshot I provided, I want to convert the static Accordion to List Accordion 

btw, I'm into ReActive application type with 11.11 service studio and I can't find the "placeholder" widget. 

Hi Elmer,

Do you have any .oml file?

Placeholder just be used inside block, so you can create a block then will see top left panel.


Hi Elmer,

You need to follow the below widget tree structure.

Based on If condition, you can change the visiblity of the block

Hope this helps!



Thank you Ellakiya S. Is there a way without using the "IF" ? Like using a variable whose value is the name of the Block?

hello Elmer,

As per you said I have created that using variable

Check on this URL, Expend the accordion and pass the integer value in the input between 1 to 5.

I have just created for help you need to create one local variable and pass the value as per your requirement to every container.(not need of input widget that time).

if its work for you I have attached OML as well for reference.

Thanks and Regards,

Akshay Deshpande


Thanks Akshay. But not the way to go. 

I was thinking of something like below.

The entity ( for presentation, did it in Worksheet), consists of ApprovalItemName attribute. Each ApprovalItemName have different block, represented by a BlockName attribute. 

The entity may grow depending on the business' needs. 

And I don't want to touch the screen every time there's a new row in the Entity. 

I know now that the above (picture) will not work as you have to pass the Block name at design time. 

In the interest of time, we use the below. It may not be the best option, but it should work for now until we find an elegant solution. 

Thanks to all who have rendered their time in answering my inquiries. 

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