Donut chart using user input

Hi Good day everyone,

I would like to ask if it's possible for me to create a donut chart with user input and not from the database data.

For example, the user wants to set the target for market sales at 1 billion and the current achievement they get only 500 thousand. so the donut chart will show how many percent they have achieved from the input given by the user.

I'm quite new to this outsystems, hope someone can help me with this. 

Hi Sharifah,

For Reactive app, you can do as following:

1. Add 2 input fields: Target and Archive

2. Add donut chart widget and setting like image attached.

This is an simple example

Hope this help


Thank you! Now I can start developing my chart! 

Hi Sharifah,

I just update the code to more correct as target is total (Target = Archived + Un-Archived).

If it help please mark it solution.




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