When I use the Tooltip control in a Table, it always looks wrong

1. When suspended, the content overlaps with the table content

2. When the last column is suspended, the excess part cannot be seen

If you have a good idea, please help me. thank you 



can you attach the sample oml?  It would be easy to help

Kindly refer the URL here.



I'm very sorry that this design is not available for the project, please forgive me

Hello, I made a test screen, the question is the place marked in the picture below, please refer to it.That's great if you have a way

Hello QQQ OOO,

If these scenario related to tooltips works for you then I have share OML there are position property in tooltip set that left,right,top,bottom as well you need to customized for the visible one tooltip as per your requirement.

Thanks and regards,

Akshay Deshpande



In your 2nd image, Tool tip is hiding inside the scrollbar.

For that scenario, you can set the position for tooltip like below attached image

I tried to replicate the scenario for attached image1, but i can't able to replicate, can you send me the css that you have added to tooltip.




???? CSS ???????????,??????????????

Hello, thank you for your reply
Since it is not recommended to use the left side in the project, please help me to think about the solution for the right side

Even this CSS might not be able to render this scene, because I'm not sure if the environment caused it

Hello, thank you for your reply, but your example doesn't seem to apply to my question

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