Table Advanced Filter Criteria (less than, greater than, between) in Dashboard
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I'm designing a Dashboard using OutSystems Reactive template. I have a requirement where I'm displaying 30+ columns in the resultant table and the end user can query for some data using the search form. It looks like below:

The search form contains labels and input fields to query data for Column 1 and Column 2 only. For dynamic querying the all 30 columns, the requirement is to create a advanced filter fields where the 30+ columns will be displayed (in a dropdown fashion) and upon selection, the input field should display where they can query data present in the table.

If it is a text column, then its simple since only text input is collected for querying. If its an integer or Date column, then again there should be input for Range of Values (less than x and greater than y).

What can be the best way to achieve this in OutSystems Reactive platform?

Note: Please don't suggest to use DataGrid component for Reactive. Since the production will have millions of records to be processed, DataGrid will be of no use since the entire data cannot be provided as json in production. Pagination of requesting only 50 records per page from server is not possible in DataGrid component. 


Hi Somesh,

This is a really good scenario. I never tried it before.

But I created a workaround for you that will give the idea to achieve it.

Let me know is it helpful for you or not.



Did you get chance to look into this?

Hi Amit,

Thanks for sharing your inputs. I will definitely try this out.



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