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Hi All

I have Table Record widget to display the data, and I have a problem where the data row displayed should be 1 line but in reality so 2 line, I've tried to snup the column width size but it does not work, and I've used horizontal scroll overflow-x but it does not work as well


Hi Kane,

If you just want that for the header row try this in the screen css:

 overflow-x: auto;
 white-space: nowrap;

If its for the entire table, try enclosing the table in a container and set the container style to this:

overflow-x: auto;
white-space: nowrap;

Hope this solves it,


Hi Kane Loony

Added to the above answers

Step1: add the below css to table records

.TableRecords {
    white-space: nowrap;

Step 2: Enclose the table with the container and add the overflow css

overflow-x: auto;

You can also refer the attached URL

Hope this helps!



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