[Firebase Mobile] Firebase Analytics Add_to_cart event not registering Value
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Hello, we have set up Firebase Mobile in order to send event data to Firebase Analytics in our eCommerce Mobile App. Events are created, but every single parameter we send (either custom or standard) is interpreted as a dimension. 

When using the Analytics/LogEvent client action we send value and 'EUR' as currency. And also some other custom parameters

We see the values are received in debug mode, but when time passes and data is shown in the event screen, value stays at 0. 

Doy you know what could cause this to happen? And what would the right way be?

Also. What would be the correct way to add the items information, that is a parcellable array?

Thanks a lot for your help.

Hi Javier,

I'm getting the same issue as you described in the end. Did you found out any solution? Basically I'm trying to send an array of Items but without success. I've tried several ways and no luck so far. The Items doesn't appear on my Console Firebase, instead I got a Firebase Error 4 which indicates that the parameter value is too long.

Here it's an example of what I'm trying to do.

Did anyone passed for the same issue as me?

If you check the source code in the github project you'll see that it's only possible to send string, integer and decimal data types.

To send numeric values you need to modify the data types of the parameters of the JS Code inside the action apart from the parameters, for it to work. But arrays right now are impossible.

So no chance of using the predefined by Google e-commerce events in the near future :(

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