Traditional Web will be DEMOTED in future
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Hi All,

I have join a Outsystems Webinar meeting before, it is said that Traditional Web will be demoted in future and will be replace by Reactive Web. I would like to ask is there any official information or documentation released which related with this changes?




We can say Traditional has been demoted for a while. In the forum and other community spots it is common to say newcomers "learn Reactive, Traditional has no future". Several companies know that Reactive is the way to go and are not working in new Traditional applications.

In the last years, Reactive has been the priority in a clear way. More content, more certifications... And this wording has no margin for misunderstandings:

But one thing is to highlight Reactive, and another is to kill Traditional. Demoted is the right wording.

Hi Nuno,

Thank you for your reply, may I know the Timeline of the Traditional Web that being demoted.  I have join the Webinar before, it said that there is some impact/error you need to handle if you still use Traditional Web for new development.

Would you mind sharing some information about this impact so I can do something in advance, thanks


Hi Jack, it is only demoted on new sold OutSystems licenses as of 1st of August, so in an existing license, you should still be able to develop TWA applications. However, consider to make the move to develop all new applications with RWA. As you wrote, you have joined the webinar, so the details should be known to you, right? There were several slides explaining how the demotion works for who and as of when.

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