[IdP] Data migration script problems after upgrade to Idp 5.0.0
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Recently we have upgraded to Idp module version 5.0.0. Unfortunately we run in some problems on the production environment.

After publishing users where not able to login any application. We discovered that the data migration script caused locks on database tables (timer Timer_MigrateUserSessions). This again prevented new logins and also timeouts on migration updates. Because there was no database commit in de data migration script, each time when a timeout occurred the changes where rolled back. This caused the data migration to take a very long time (while users where not able to login).

We solved the problem by stopping the data migration timer (Timer_MigrateUserSessions). We then wrote our own update script for data migration (UserSession table).

After stopping the timer, users could login again.

With this post I want inform people of the possible problems when there is a lot of data that needs to be migrated (in the UserSession table).

I also suggest to improve the data migration script to prevent locks and timeouts. Possible a warning based on the amount of data found could be useful.

If there are any questions, please let me know.

Kind regards,

Ben van der Linden

Hi Bernard,

Thank you for reporting this. I'll make sure to improve the migration logic for the next version of the IdP component.

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