How ajax refresh and refresh data different from each others?

I am confused about these two concepts. Actually, I have implemented both in one of my project but still I am not clear about them.


Without going to see the documentation and from experience, Ajax refresh refreshes the element on your screen, and data refresh as the name says it will refresh your data again, make it go again get the data you want on your aggregate(updated).

Use the Ajax Refresh element in your flow to refresh parts of the screen without reloading the entire page.

Use it to get updated data from the existing data source.

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The Refresh Data element is used to get updated data from the existing data source (ex: Aggregate or SQL Query). This means that the query will be re-executed and the data retrieved will be updated.

The Ajax Refresh element is used to refresh a part or parts of the screen without reloading the entire page.

For example, if you want to refresh the data that is beeing displayed on a table in the screen when you apply a filter or a pagination, you will need to execute both of them.

First, you refresh the data (Aggregate that populates the table) and after you refresh the table itself (element) in the screen:

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 It's indeed helpful. Thank you.

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In simple words, Ajax refresh is used for the container refresh means you got the data on screen but still if need to refresh the container that time Ajax Refresh used and refresh data means only the data which is available in entities

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any update on this question ? are you get the difference ?

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