Movie Assignment App (The connection has timed out)
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In this movie app, I am experiencing issues with movie screen data. It always shows connection timeout even though I have a strong Internet connection. Please help me solve this problem.

Please check you internet connection and Error log details in service centre, which action you are getting this error.

Please make sure you are online , if still not working please increase server request time out on action/aggregate or module level.



the error details are these but I don't know how to fix it. 

can you help me? I'm using a very fast internet



Please write your post in English, which is the language used on the OutSystems community pages. The reason for this is that many people on the OutSystems community pages do not speak Portuguese. By writing English the complete OutSystems community over the whole world can read and try to help.

If it helps, you can use google translate to translate from your native language to English.



I didn't realize it was in Portuguese, thank you

 hello Miguel,

I want to give you one suggestion on  this, if you click on the module and add the SERVER REQUEST TIMEOUT

upto 60 sec(right now it is 10 sec) of your Every module then you will not face this issue (rarely you will face ). But I think it will be solve your problem

hope this will helps you, 

Thanks and Regards,

Akshay Deshpande

Thank you very much, I will implement and run the tests

Yes, definitely 

you will check and let me know if its helps you.

Thanks and Regards,

Akshay Deshpande

Hello Miguel Massango,

Any Update on this ?have you got your solution ?

Thanks and Regards,
Akshay Deshpande

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