How to add units to input fields? Is there any recommendation?
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Hello, I am facing the following question. I want to enter different data via a form, e.g. temperature, pressure, weight. This data should be retrievable at the end via a REST API - so far no problem.

The measurement data have a unit, e.g. [°C], [Pa], [kg]. I can display these units in the form via a text field, so that the user knows with which unit the data is to be entered.

But what is the most elegant way to ensure that the corresponding unit is also transferred when the data is retrieved via the Rest API? Normally, only the stored numerical value is transmitted.

Is there a recommendation on how best to implement this?

Many thanks and best regards

Hi Michael,

I would probably advise you to add extra fields to your api containing a textual description of the unit belonging to the value. In that way the consumer of your API can decide for themselves what they will do with this information.

Hi Michael,

You can enter your input with icons. When user can enter value that time icon can give them idea that which type of data should be enter. Refer this link to give inputs with icons. I hope this will help you.*1ywb5x*_ga*MjA1OTk4OTAxNC4xNjI1NDIwMjEz*_ga_ZD4DTMHWR2*MTYyNjI2MjU1OC4zOS4xLjE2MjYyNjU3NDYuNDc.

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