Insert image into new work order mobile
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11.11.8 (Build 45664)

Hello all-

I am sure this is an easy one for someone.

All data is collected offline in local tables

I have built a work order app.  In the app the user creates a new record entering specific information related to the work.  My issue is adding photos the user takes to add to the record

I know the images are stored in a different table and are linked to main record using an identifier.  My issue is the main record identifier.  Since in the sync it is sent as a null identifier how do I generate the identifier to link it to the photos?

Thank you for your help


Hi Andrew,

You need to create the work record then the workid is generated to be assigned to binaries records to create.

Thank you Priya-

How would I go about doing that.  Since the main record will not get a permanent ID until it is synced with the server how do I get that information to place on the local image records before they are synced?

Looking for help on the flow

Thank You

Figured it out

Didn't figure it out :(

Could someone show me how?  My attempt was to create an identifier for the work order then when the photos were taken I would add that identifier.  When I would sync it would send the work order with the mobile created identifier to database.  I would then sync the image table allowing the database to create its own key.

Im getting alot duplicate primary key errors now.

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