Resources - Could not access resource

Hi guys,

We are facing some difficulties to access to a resource, some times it works but other times don't and when don't work we have the following error:

We are using the "ExcelToRecordList" to access the file and appropiated sheet and we setted the Deploy Action to Deploy to Target Directory.

Does anyone knows how to fix this or it's better to open a support case?

Thanks in advance.


Diogo Miguel

Hello Diogo,

This is a post that described a similar issue, the difference being that it is intermittent in your case. Apparently moving the API logic and resource to a different module that had a front-end solved it on the other post. If this is an option for you, hope it works out.

Alternatively, unless the community comes up with other suggestions, my 2 cents would be to open a support ticket.



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