Join an environment created by employer
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11.12.2 (Build 30755)

Hi there, I was provided an environment (hostname) link. The credentials are all setup (I was there watching it).

But the moment I created outsystem account, I notice it will create personal environment by default. How do I change this environment to the provided link ?



Hello Hafizul!! You cannot change the environment. The employer needs to create a new User for you to enter the environment. Then you just use the environment URL, the username that the employer created for you, and the password that the employer created for you to connect to the environment.

The account that you created will have just the personal. But you can ask the employer to create a user based on your email and then you choose the password you want to use to enter on the employer's environment.

Let me know if I am missing something

Kind regards,


Hi Marcio !

Thank you for your fast response ! I just signed in service studio using the environment link and ID provided by them an it was a success ! So the account created through the portal and account created by them through user management was not linked.

I truly appreciate for your response Marcio ! thanks !

No problem, you're welcome it was a pleasure :)

Feel free!

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Hello Hafizul,

Hope you're doing well.

By the time you create an OutSystems account, you will have access to a Personal Environment (PE) with a specific hostname. This hostname is associated to your account.

As an example, let's say that your PE's URL/hostname is So you will have access to the Service Center of this environment by this URL:

When you open your Service Studio, you will be asked to connect into an environment. If you specify your OutSystems site e-mail and password, you will login into your Personal Area. So you need to click in the option "Sign in with environment URL":

With that option, you will also be asked to specify the environment URL. In this case, it should be the environment created by your employer. So you should be able to connect to that environment using the provided credentials.

Let's say as an example that the environment URL/hostname is So you will have access to the Service Center of this environment by this URL:

Keep in mind that different environments have different hostnames. This means that you may connect to different environments with Service Studio. The same applies for Service Center, since each environment has its own Service Center tool.

P.S.: I didn't see your answer to Marcio's comment before posting this, but I will leave it in here just because it may help someone in the future. Nevertheless, I'm glad that you managed to make it work. And you should keep Marcio's answer as a solution for the thread.

Kind regards,

Rui Barradas

Hi Rui,

Appreciate your brief explanation on the matters. I believe it will help others especially freshie like me to understand better on how the Outsystem's environment works !

Thank you !

Best Regards,

Hafizul Asyraf

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