In outsystems exists any like generate oAuth 2.0 access tokens?

For example in Postman i can get those access tokens by providing: 

Callback URL, 

Auth URL, 

Access Token URL, 

Client ID, 

Client Secret, 

Scope, State and Client Authentication....


Hi GeruuRysDev,

Welcome to the community,

If I understood your question correctly then I usually call the same API which I used in postman with same request parameter to get the access token, Please find the screenshot below in which I called the post API to get the access token for UI path. 

Hope this helps,


Manish Jawla

Thx actually i need it to get access tokens for Quickbooks online every one hour, this should works perfectly for that


Your always welcome, Glad to help you.


You can checkout the JWT forge component. 

This can probably do what you want.

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