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Hi All,

I have to create custom theme/template for my project. Mainly we will be building mobile/tablet applications. I have a doubt, for creating custom theme which theme should I keep as Base Theme whether OutSystemUI or OSUIMobileBase. What is the difference between them because by default when we create mobile app in OS, it uses OutsystemUI as base theme, so why do we have separate OSUIMobileBase. Could you please suggest what would be best suitable if developing mobile/tablet apps.

Also if my understanding is correct, then if  need to create web application as well, then have to maintain a separate theme if I go by choosing OSUIMobileBase as base theme. Please correct me if wrong.

Thank you.

Hi Puja,

In OutSystems, you have 3 types of applications: Traditional Web, Reactive Web and Mobile. Each of them has its own programming concept. Traditional Web Applications run only server-side while Reactive Web and Mobile Applications run client-side and server-side.

When we create a mobile application, Outsystms also choose default OutSystemsUI as UI theme which contains several UI widgets/patterns that you may use in your applications.


OutSystemsUI is designed for Reactive Web and Mobile Applications:

Now, I think you can take a decison.

Hi Amit,

Thank you for your response. I know by default for mobile app, OS chooses OutSystemUI as base theme, but before moving forward with this I just wanted to be very sure (was doubtful in case I might miss any key accessibility feature for mobile if I do not choose OSUIMobileBase as base theme.) 

But Thanks again,  it gave some clarity to take decision accordingly.

Good Luck :)

you can close this thread by mark solved if you are clear about this.

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