Export Aggragate Filtered Data to Excel file (Reactive)
Application Type
Service Studio Version
11.11.9 (Build 46092)


 I want to export the data after filtering the records on the screen, 

I have added filter in the aggregate while exporting the records, but still not work. 

Please help to fix it. Thank you.



Hello Lena,

Is it possible to share OML ,so we will look into it and Modify .

Thanks and Regards,

Akshay Deshpande


Hi Lena,

Ask yourself hoe much information you shared in your question heir help, for someone actually be able to help you.

1..did you check/debug that your aggregate returns records based on the filter.

2. Do you get an error message, did you check service center error log.

3. Could you share the OML file so someone can look at the code, or at least a screen shot of the aggregate or action flow. 



Hi Lena,

your answer is not clear 

Are you refreshing the aggregate after the RecordListToExcel1 convertion in server action?

If it so, refresh your aggregate first then convert the recordlist to excel.

Refer the attached URL

Hope this helps!



Hello Lena,

 As per my understanding you want to export the data as per a specific filter so I have shared an OML below where you can see I have filtered the data on dropdown on change and when you change the dropdown, the filtered list will be displayed and when you export it only that specific record will be exported.

 Application URL : https://pavan-rajapurkar.outsystemscloud.com/ExportToExcelSample/Employees?_ts=637619435238762663


Pavan Rajapurkar


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