ListFilter always empty even the source has values returned
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Hi Guys,

We have this issue wherein the ListFilter widget is always empty even if the source list has values returned. We copied the code(ListFilter) for another action with exactly has the same functionality and parameters and it worked after publishing the espace.

Does anyone here encountered the same issue?

Thanks and Regards,


Hi Froi, 

I see there is ListClear before ListFilter, is it clear MyConnectionsTable?

Hi Khuong,

It only clears the ListFilter before filling it up with data from the SourceList. It doesn't clear the source list (MyConnectionsTable)

Hi Froi,

Is it possible to share your .oml file? Anw, did you try something like remove the ListFilter and add back again or in the condition try to make it always true like TRUE or your condition. I don't have much info so just give some trial and error.

Good luck,


It looks like an issue with your filter condition. please check the mention column name is the same as in the list.

As I mentioned in the description, we copied a code with the same condition(identical) from different action and it works.

To give you a background on the functionality. We have this function wherein we export data to PDF/XLS. Both file type has the same source of data which is coming from MyConnectionsTable table widget. Each file type has separate screen actions (button) but with the same (identical) set of codes (widgets, parameters), the only difference is the output. The file type PDF having the same code with XLS is working, however the XLS code is not working. When we copied the code(the listfilter in particular) from the PDF action to the XLS action, it works. My initial thought is that it could be on the compiled version of the Espace. However, we are confused as to why the PDF action is working while XLS is not, given both have the same code, data source and functionality.

I got you but there are two conditions for this issue 

Either your MyConnectionsTable.list is empty or your filter condition. 

Can you share your sample OML?

Both MyConnectionsTable.list and the filter condition are not empty when we debug it.

If you can share OML so that we can get closer to the issue.

Hello Froilan,

Got a couple of questions for you -

1. So per your debugging, data goes into the ListFilter, but the output is empty. Correct?

2. What is IsSelect's datatype? For e.g. I have typically seen usage like "IsSelect = True" so I am wondering about the usage IsSelect.Boolean = True. Could you please explain that a bit




Hi Frolian,

In many past discussions it turns out that sharing the OML results in the quickest way to get someone help you fix your problem.

If you can not share the OML consider to replicate the issue in a new OML.

You repeating your original statement will not solve your problem.



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