Screen Loading when block is loading the content.
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I have screen where I implemented Wizard structure and on each of the wizard content i have web blocks.

For each Wizard Step I have "Save and Next" button.

My use case is when I click on "Save and Next" button which will take me to next step where while the content in the next step is rendering I want to so Screen Loader and as soon as it get's loaded in block wanted of get off that screen loading.

Don't want to use any component from the forge. 

.oml would be appreciated since I have to do it ASAP.

thanks in advance....

Hey there!! Let's go! :D

So you have your wizard and when you click on a button you want to show a loading spinner and when everything is rendered you want it to stop, right?

Yes Right....

Have you tried the button loading on login and see how that works? when is being executed or not?

That's what I would see and try to replicate in my "problem"/task.

Anyways, I will try to see

I have another question, you want the loading on a button(inside) or on the middle of the screen or block where you are working?


I want overlay Loading on block level not on button.

oh ok!

you can use this to show your loading on block level

I will pass a demo, but I think is that what you want. You just need to make the conditions to when is fetching data or it is empty. In this case, you don't need the properties of an aggregate to do that, you can simply create your own variables and your own logic to show the loading.   

Let me know how that worked for you.





In the web block I have Form not the table so I need when all of the form fields get loaded then I wanted to say stop loading. 

Hi Rohan,

You can follow my solution in the below post

You can create the onitialise action for block also.

Hope this helps!



What I need in the end was to use what I said before and I created this

Where I have a local variable called isLoading where when there is a submit I put at true and then the loading starts, it will just stop when data was submitted or there was an error

Here you have both branches, one for when is loading and another when is not, when is not is because there wasn't yet a submission or there is been an error because the load variable by default is false.

That list-updating class is just the class for the loading, don't worry

Let me know if I could help you.

Kind regards,



Basically I wanted to enable / disable button on the web block when the content is loading on the web block.

Hello Rohan,

I am attaching sample oml based on your requirement. Check this demo.  Hope this helps.




hello Rohan Check this URL,for this I have Attached the OML also 

as I see your Requirement I have Create one web block of show loader and that block you will used every where 

in the web block you will get the CSS also 

and manage that block as per your If condition

I just create web block which freeze all the screen ,you will need to apply on the bases of IF conditions

Thanks and Regards,

Akshay Deshpande


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