[Pushwoosh Plugin] Build error with MABS 7 and combination with Camera Plugin
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We have a mobile app (Mijn BKN) which uses the Pushwoosh plugin and the Camera plugin.
This combination of plugins is causing build errors for Android and MABS 7.0

I requested support from Outsystems and they directed me to this support forum.

Outsystems response:

We have performed further analysis on your new information.  As we can see from your screenshot pw.png, the applications My BSC and Yourizon were successfully built using MABS 7.0.12 on 19th May.

We tried to replicate the build for My BSC app on our local test environment. As expected, the build was successful and we were able to check the source code files. The config.xml file does not contain any <config-file> tag here, unlike in the Mijn BKN app which had the invalid tag. The plugin.xml from the pushwoosh plugin are the same.

Upon further checks, the build error on MABS 7.0 only manifests when building an application which is using an invalid config-file tag inside the config.xml file.

This config-file tag is placed in config.xml via another plugin. In this case, it is the Camera plugin which is used in Mijn BKN but not in My BSC and Yourizon.

Thus, our conclusion and recommendation remains the same: the Pushwoosh plugin you are currently using must be fixed to clean the leftover config-file. The build will only fail when there is another plugin which will place the invalid config-file tag from pushwoosh into the app’s config.xml.

Considering that the Pushwoosh plugin is not supported by OutSystems but directly supported by Pushwoosh, our recommendation is to open a support case with them and share the findings here and in our previous communication (about the OutSystems branch).

To my understanding the Pushwoosh plugin has someting in the config-file which is causing the error.
Can the Pushwoosh plugin development team look into this?  If i need to provide more information, please let me know.

I also attached the mobile build log file.

Thank you.



@Ben van der Linden is this the same issue like this one? 


If so, it should be fixed with the latest release.

Yes it is the same, thanks for the update!

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