While using Date Picker widget there is word showing "Keyword"
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Hello all,

I am using date picker widget, but as calendar get open there is word "Keyword" showing, how to remove that word

Please refer image attached. This will give clear idea about problem.

Thanks in advance


That is not "normal" it shouldn't appear the "keyboard".

Can you share the oml or replicate that issue, to see it properly?



Hello PSS,

I was able to reproduce it by hitting my 'TAB' key on my keboard two or three times in succession. It goes away when I TAB again or click the mouse.

So it seems like its just something in how you are typing/ tabbing or using the keys in general.





Usually, as stated in previous comments the 'keyboard shortcuts' button should not be visible in the input calendar (that's how it is working for me). In addition to that, If you press the button, instead of showing the list of keyboard shortcut keys, it will hide the input date picker calendar (default behaviour), so there is no point in having that button for this use case.

To get rid of the 'Keyboard shortcuts button forcefully, add the below CSS definition in your screen stylesheet section.

CSS Snippet:

.calendar-help-trigger {
    display: none;

I hope this helps you!

Kind regards,

Benjith Sam

Really good, I knew that it was needed to find the class and then put the display: none;

I didn't even know that existed that class or that trigger there.

I support this answer, @AJ was great again :)

Kind regards,


Nice tip Benjith

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