[Data Grid Reactive] Announcing Data Grid Reactive Beta Version - Group Columns and Custom Header Tooltip
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Currently, the Data Grid team is working on requests highly demanded by the community: 

- Group Columns

- Custom Header tooltip

Since we need your feedback right from the start, we are releasing here a beta version, so you can try and give us feedback on this thread.

Please mind that this is not a final version, there are some listed known issues and it is not guaranteed that the final version won't require you to change your code. Nevertheless, feel free to report here every issue that you find. It will be most appreciated. 

Also, this beta version doesn't have all the functionalities in group columns. For now, you can only group columns. Groups of group columns are not yet possible. There are also some issues related to undo/redo when you move group columns.

How to use this version:

  1. Download the attached OAP file and publish it on your server.
  2. Remove all references to DataGridReactive module.
  3. Add all references to DataGridReactive_Beta module.
  4. To use group columns, drag the GroupColumn block into the Columns placeholder of your Grid and drag the columns you want to group into the GroupedColumns placeholder.
    Input parameters:
    - Header: Text displayed in the group header.
    - IsCollapsed: If false, all columns in the group are shown. If true, only the column defined in CollapseTo is shown.
    - CollapseTo: The column binding on which the group column will collapse to. If not filled, the group won't be able to expand/collapse.
  5. To define a custom header tooltip, use the input parameter HeaderTooltip in ColumnOptionalConfigs.
  6. Publish your module and the grid should look like this:


Hello @Gabriel Lundgren
Thank you for implementing the GroupColumn feature in DataGrid Reactive.
We have tested this feature and we would like to request few improvements to this feature.

1) Issue: Align of the line number (left most side) is not displaying properly.
The alignment of first two numbers of the Grid is in right. Other numbers are aligned to center.
Please check the image below.

2) Request: All other columns have the property called "align".
By default, the header text of GroupColumn is in "center".
Will it be possible to add a property to Group Column so that users can choose which alignment they want for the header text. (left, center, right)

Thank you.


Hello @Alam,

1) Issue: Align of the line number (left most side)is not displaying properly

This issue is in wijmo flexgrid, we have reported and expecting them to fix the issue and share a new component's build.

2) Request: All other columns have the property called "align".
This seems to be a requirement that will be helpful to all the Data Grid users, so we will investigate how to implement it and if possible, we'll add to the product

I'll let you know as soon as possible.


Bruno Martinho


Hello @Gabriel Lundgren

First of all, thanks for making the Group Column feature available and to let us test the beta version of it.

Our team did some tests on it and so far so good, it fits what we currently need for our project.

Related to this functionality, we have another requirement that would be to have the Group Columns identified in the Column Selection menu. Something like what I described in this post for Data Grid Web. Is it possible for your team to include this feature in a future version of the component? Or do I need to do some workaround like in Data Grid Web and as suggested in the post I mentioned?

Best regards,

André Dinis

Hello @André Dinis,

That is an interesting feature.

Please give us some time to understand how to implement this in the product.

We'll let you know as soon as possible.


Bruno Martinho

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