List length


So I have these two lists(

DownloadQuestions_List and 

) made of the structures below . As soon as they hit the 149 index in the for each they stop adding more question and answers. The cycle continuos to iterate until the last element(300 i think) it gets out of the cycle with no error its just stops appendig more questions or anwers (and beacuse there is more anwers this one stops first).

What I want to now is if there is a  hard code limit to the list variables.

Hi Alllan Wá,

I made a simple example to test the limit, I used an If:

It worked normally up to 1000.

I hope it helps you.

Best regards.


Thank u.

So this means there is something wrong with my code.

Do u have any idea what it is?


I think so.

If you make the OML available we can analyze it better.

Best regards.

Hi Alllan Wá,

Did you manage to solve the problem?


Hello Douglas,

Unfortunately I haven't solve it yet  

Hi Alllan,

Can you please share the oml so that we can analyze and try to understand this odd behaviour?

Thank you,


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