Restrict Data View on a Specific Column

Hi Guys , I am looking for some suggestions on one of my use cases. 

I am using adaptive columns (let's say 3 column) where I have an icon on each of the blocks on default view. Clicking on that icon will open a popup where we have to select some values from drop-downs and that values will be fetched to a web block. Now the web block will return a graph/table as per user selection. 

So the issue is I am using one single web block to fetch the data and as I mentioned on whichever column the the user clicks (suppose user has clicked on the icon of the 3rd column ) only that column data should get updated and next if the user clicks on the 2nd column at that time only 2nd column should get updated with a graph/table. I have implemented the usecase but the problem is whenever user clicks on the 2nd block , the graph on 1st block is also getting updated. The main issue is not able to restrict it on a single/specific column. Tried with passing container number of every column but not working.

If anyone can provide any idea , will be much helpful.


Hi Suprio,

As per my understanding of the mentioned use case and explanation, the implementation you followed almost matches the below-mentioned points.

  • Three columns include an icon to open the same popup, same block with the same input parameters is defined within each column.
  • The selected parameter values within the popup are stored in the local variable, which is passed to all the web blocks as input parameters. You don't have any distinction in the local variable for a specific column icon click.
  • As the input parameters for all the blocks are common/same, in every input parameter value update all the block gets updated.

As a solution, I would suggest:

Solution: For each column, hold the selected modal parameter value in seperate variable and pass those local (different) variable value as input parameters for each block defined within the columns

See this sample app: UpdateColumnTask

Refer to the attached .oml file

I hope this helps you!

Kind regards,

Benjith Sam


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