Hide dates from tooltip (Fusion Gantt charts)

Hide dates from tooltip (Fusion Gantt charts)


Dear all,

Above you see my implementation of a fusion gantt chart. The problem what i have is that i cannot hide the dates from the tooltip. Only the first 2 dates have to be added (which i add as hovertext). Is there any way how to solve this?

Thank you in advance.

Hi Frits,

Try to add showhovercap='0' in the <chart> element or set the hoverText='' in <task>'s.
For more information please refer to FusionChart Free Gantt reference documentation.

Tiago Simões
Very good qeustion with a practical answer wich solved my issue on the chart control, this one helps a lot. I have to say it is quite rare to see questions or passages on the chart tooltip.