Floating action: How to make a Floating Action not float ?

Hi :) 

I like the Floating Action's look an fell, and would like to use it just without the floating part? 

is it possible to "remove" the floating part, so it can be placed inside a container like any other widget ? 

Hello Thomas, please, insert this CSS into your theme :)






.floating-actions-wrapper .floating-items{

    align-items: flex-start;  


Now is with position relative to the container

Play a little, and let me know :)

Best regards,

Márcio Carvalho


Hi Marcio.

It is still not making the floating part go away :) but i think i might just try to make a popup menu from scratch. Cant seem to get it to work with the css manipulation. 

But ty anyway ;) v

Sorry, I thought you want to place the component itself whatever you wanted, can you show me what you want, really?

No problem!!! :D

I just wanted to be able to treat the Floating Action as any other non floating widgets or components. :) you know, to but i in a block or container, and then it will be place there when displaying the UI. But with the adjustments you made, it is still not behaving as a "normal" component. 

I wanted to use it as a extension of fixed menu, and therefore needed it to stay in the possession of the container that holds it.  :) 

Can you share the OML file in which you want to fix menu?

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