Retain Main Screen Scrolling while Popup is opened
Application Type
Service Studio Version
11.11.8 (Build 45664)


I have a table on the web screen all the way down and each record has a link to open up a popup, when I click on a link to open a popup then it scrolls to the top of the page.

How can we stop this?



Hi Vinod,

Can you share a print of the logic to open the popup please? If you can share the OML, better! ;)

Best regards,

Ricardo Pereira

Hello Vinod,

I use the same version of Service Studio as you. I tried to recreate your scenario as follows:

1. I have created a screen (Reactive app) with a table displaying 50 rows on the first page.
2. I scroll down and click on a link to launch a (empty) pop up.
3. I expected the main screen to scroll up as you mentioned, but it did not. It stays whereever I was at the time of opening the pop up, consistently. Screenshot below:

Did I miss something in recreating your scenario? I do not encounter the main screen scrolling to the top.

I then placed a large 800 line textbox widget at the top of the screen and moved the table to the bottom of the page. I still could not recreate the issue. 

An oml of your scenario would definitely help as Ricardo has suggested.



I tried the same as you described. it working fine for me.

By the way, it looks like some other CSS is applying on the same popup that is overwriting the popup actual CSS.

you should check the popup CSS Position, display property. You can compare the CSS property with this URL

It would be better if you can share OML.

Hi Vinod,

A solution is that, when you bind a click  to display this popup, to also add a class to the body with essentially these rules:

.my-body-noscroll-class {
overflow-y: hidden;

Or if you want to use on Application Level, you can use this on Base theme.


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