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even though i have no on render action on screen or block i'm getting this error. 

Hello Hanishq,

Please share a screenshot of your screen and associated actions because this error could also be caused for reasons besides an On Render event. For e.g. check out the situation Roberto Garcia ran into in this post (at the bottom of that thread). Do you happen to have any similar tool tip logic. Again a few screenshots would help. 

When you set breakpoints and debug your code, please share a screenshot of where the error arises



Hello Hanishq,

As AJ rightly said, please share some screenshots or logic of you screen or blocks to get more details.

As error shown this is something related to Screen or Block events (OnRender) that is not properly used or handled in screens or block , so it's running or looping every time if any data in screen or block changed.

Please go through below link to get idea about Screen/Block events in details.

The On Render event handler runs after each time the Screen or Block is rendered


  • Avoid changing Screen or Block data since every time this data changes the On Render event is triggered again and the app might run in an infinite loop.
  • Keep this event handler action simple and avoid slow actions such as server requests, since it may delay the render of the Screen or Block.
  • On the first render of the Screen or Block avoid accessing the data of the Screen or Block since there is no guarantee that the data is already fetched. If you need to develop some logic on these data, use the On After Fetch event handler of the respective Aggregate or Data Action.

Use cases you can implement with this event handler:

  • Act upon a change in the data of the Screen or Block to update a third-party component.
  • The same use cases as for the On Ready event handler.
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