Search any text and show as SITE MAP on a new page
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I want to add a search text box on the main homepage. When I input some text (lets say as eg: acknowledge) and lets say I have few static pages like FAQ, PRIVACY PAGE etc and the text which I am searching matching text in any of the static pages I want to show them in a new page as a SITE MAP. When I click on the specific link it will redirect to the linked page.

Please if I can get OML for the same would be thankful.

I think what you need to do is, on search action you check if what you are searching is equal to those static pages and if so, it's redirected to those screens. If you want to make it dynamic without using s specific screen you can use an external URL and you pass the domain and the name of the screen to the URL and there you go, you are redirected based on the input search you typed.

Did you understand? 

Let me know if is this what you want

Check this URL and the oml

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Hi @Marcio

First of all thanks for your kind reply. The one which you have did is just redirection. I was saying like google when you search it will bring you list of matching and shows in as URL or site map. Similarly I need like i have two static page A and B and when I search it should search in the page A and B and bring it as a list and I want to show in a new page called SearchPage as list of URLs. When I click on any of the URL it will redirect to the associated page. 


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