Public application

Public application

Hello there,

I want to create an application in my local machine (localhost) and then make it available to several users in the internet, preserving data confidenciality and privacy.
Is there a way for me to do this?

Thanks in advance for the help,

Best regards.
Rui -

You can do this, but I highly recommend a dedication machine/server for this if this is going to be an application that other people depend upon. What you'll need to do:

1. Get your system set up to run Agile Platform.
2. Have your DSL/cable modem router do a "port forward" of traffic on port 80 to the IP address of the server on port 80.
3. Have others access your application; instead of "localhost" in the URL, they should use your public IP address (your router configuration can tell you this).

Now, this is a bad solution long term for the following reasons:

* Your local PC probably is using DHCP, so its IP address will change periodically and break the port forwarding (solution: DHCP reservation or static IP).
* Your public IP is probably using DHCP, so it's IP address can change without warning (solution: get a dynamic DNS service like DynDNS, or get a static IP from your ISP).
* Your site will be unavailable if your PC is off, rebooting, etc.
* You sound like you like the system/network experience to ensure a secure environment.

My suggestion is that if you plan on using this for more than just showing the work to a client or user, or some unimportant project, that you look into a proper hosting scenario.