Transfer Build Application

How can I transfer created app from another Outsystems dev server to my OutSystems dev server?

Is it possible? 

*if Yes

  1. What are the steps I need to consider/learn?
  2. Are all files, plugins, and databases included in the transfer?

*If No

  1. Why and how to make it possible?

Thank you in advance!


Hi Aries!

Yes you can do it. 

It is totally possible.

However it is not so simple than downloading and uploading to the other env.

OutSystems environments normally just accept applications developed in the same environment.
If you need to install an app from another env you need to either:

1 - Upload the app to forge. Make this app public. And download on the new env. 


2 - Pass the app throught IPP to change the app's activation code to the new environment activation code and this way make the new env recognize this app as part of it.

In addition, check this other topics that address the same problem in different scenarios:



Just have in mind that if you are trying to install an app to/from your PE (Personal Environment - The one OutSystems provides for trainning and learning under your community account) you will only be able to use option 1 and that is not recommended assuming that your app should not be public nor a component.

If this is the case make sure all your PoCs and Projects Development are correctly done on you enterprise env and not on your PE. If for some reason you wrongly developed something on your PE and want to send to an Enterprise environment without going through forge, contact OutSystems Support.

About what is transfered when you do it.

Only the "code" (Modules, Applications or Solution selected) and files imported to the then (as resources for example) are transfered.

The database tables will also be created in your target env but without any data. So they will be empty.

Hope it helps

Cheers and Regards

RR :)

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