[Case Management framework] Case Management Framework Case_GetHistory not seem to working
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Reactive, Service
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11.9.1 (Build 33435)
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Not sure what is the issue here but when i call the Case_GetHistory no records return. In the Case History table i can see the records, there is no error message or am i missing some logic initialization for this information ? Case Management Framework version 1.51



Hi Gayan,

Are you filling in the InformationGroupAccess input structure when calling the Case_GetHistory action?

At least one of the boolean attrbiutes (RequesterAccess/OperatorAccess) on that structure has to be set as True for this action to return results. By default all events saved in a case's history are accessible by an operator, so having "OperatorAccess" selected as True will return all history events.

Let me know if that solved the issue.

Kind regards,



Hi André

Thanks heaps :) That seems to fixed it but since one of those booleans are needed to be true , this probably should have been documented here: https://success.outsystems.com/Documentation/Case_Management/Case_Management_framework_reference/Case_Services_API#Service_Case_GetHistory

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