Reactive: Can Dropdown search not include searching the list value?
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Hi everyone,

I found that the dropdown search widget are searching with "Value" and "Text".

Can dropdown search widget only searching the result with the "Text" not include the "Value" in the data list?

Thanks & Regards, 

Cindy Ho

hello Cindy Ho,

what list you pass in the dropdown will search on that all the parameters,

but the way you are passing is in correct 

for example check this URL

1) 1- dropdown without value and text append still search with both

2) 2- dropdown with value and text append still and search with both

Here, I have attached OML as well for reference 

Thanks and Regards,

Akshay Deshpande


Hi Cindy,

this widget is a wrapper for the choices.js library, so you can have all options available in that library by using the advancedFormat property of the widget.

For your question, you can change the searchFields option.  As you can see here, the default is to search both in label and value.

So have this in your advanced format :

    searchFields: ['label']

happy coding,


It works. Thanks a lot.

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