Search where use "Advanced SQL"
Service Studio Version
11.11.9 (Build 46093)

Hi all,

is it possible to find where the component Advanced Query is used in the module?

Hi Pier Paolo Annis,

You can not specifically search where "advanced SQL" has been used in  your application. What you can do however, is find the entity you want to check, and press ctrl+F12 to find in all modules or F12 to find in the current module. If your advanced SQL uses that particular entity, it will show up in the search results.

Kind regards,


Hi Pier Paolo Annis,

do you mean the Widget? or a seperate forge component? 

You cannot find the usages of the widget as Bas is mentioning. But Ctrl-F and search on 'Select' you'll get the most of them, since they normally contain a select. 

regards Hans

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