Built-In functions OnInitialize event

Is it problematic to use built-in functions on the OnInitialize event?
I don't know if built-in functions do server calls when executed.
I provided an example of what I mean.

Mobile application.
Service studio version 11.11.8.  



Hi Luis,

Checkout this article, because the behaviour is different in the place where you call the function: 


CurrDate()In client-side calls, it returns the device date.
In server-side calls, it returns the platform server date.
In query calls, it returns the platform server date.

For the DateTimeToDate i believe this is executed on the client side in client actions. 


Converts Date Time 'dt' to a Date value dropping the Time component.

Available in:

  • Server-side logic: Yes
  • Client-side logic: Yes
  • Database: Can be used with attributes in aggregates.
  • Local Storage: Can be used with attributes in aggregates.


Thanks for the reply! :)

So basically it depends based on where I am calling this built-in function?

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