How to customize DropdownTags with comma?
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I want to add comma [,] in DropdownTags widget and remove the default style.  

Here space is by default available in between 2 TAGS. I want to separate them with comma and remove gray background. 



Hi Shaun,

It seems to me you don't want to use DropdownTags at all, but just want to show a simple list. Something like that you could build yourself. Also note that if you remove the button-like styling and use comma's, visually the "X"s to remove the tags look very strange. I'd consider it bad UI/UX!

Hi Shaun11,

You can apply the attached file for css.

Hope this help,



Hi Khuong Truong,

I copied your CSS but it is not reflecting.  I am getting the same output. This is the default class which is already attached to this widget. Do I need to explicitly call it?

And  Killan, I just want to remove background color not "X". 

Hi Shaun11,

I applied the css to the screen that the dropdowntags is in. You can check this URL.



Nicely done Khuong, 

Shaun - Just curious, now that I see the output in Khuong's demo URL, do you even need the comma's because the 'X' itself is quite an obvious separation between values. Just a thought.

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