How to get timers log details


I want to show the data for each time the a specific timer has run and when is next time and if it's failed or not. And I don't want this from service center but I want to have it in my application, so something very similar to the service center information |*vli6a4*_ga*MTAxMjMzNDEwOS4xNjE3NjEyMjk4*_ga_ZD4DTMHWR2*MTYyNjc3ODIzNC4xNTEuMS4xNjI2Nzc4Njc2LjQ2

According to the documentation,*vli6a4*_ga*MTAxMjMzNDEwOS4xNjE3NjEyMjk4*_ga_ZD4DTMHWR2*MTYyNjc3ODIzNC4xNTEuMS4xNjI2Nzc4Njc2LjQ2

I used these entities to get the data, and below shows how i'm actually making the query, however, it only gives me one record, only showing when was the timer last run and where gonna be next run. But I want the full log as it shows in service center, any idea how to achieve that or what i'm doing wrong?

Hi Abeer,

those tables only store the data related to the timer.

Logs are saved on another tables. Check this article to understand how they are managed and where you can find it on the database:*19skdr3*_ga*Mjk5NTM0Mzg5LjE2MDk2MDQ4NzM.*_ga_ZD4DTMHWR2*MTYyNjc3ODcxOS45ODcuMS4xNjI2NzgwMTU2LjYw#The_rotation_of_the_logs


Thanks for your answer, yes I found out that the tables I should use is 


From the extension 


This is actually where timers log information are saved. The other tables I was used is more of the timer configuration and declaration.

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