Encryption algorithm of OSDAMIN
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Hi, is there anyone who knows the algorithm of encryption of the technical user that writes on the DB (OSADMIN) ?


Hi lorenzo,

These credentials are defined on Configuration Tool and the server.hsconf (XML file) contains all necessary configurations for the OutSystems platform, among which those credentials.

Read more here.

Kind Regards,

Hi, thanks for quick answer! I've already read that, but there is no mention about the specific algorithm. 

Here as reported: "Configuration Tool will read the clear text password and save an encrypted version."


Ah, yes, indeed no mechanism is mentioned.

I couldn't find any documentation for this, you can always open a support case for that.

In any case, what is the use case that makes you need this?

Not really a specific use case, but this is an info that security department of my client would like to know, as per their policies.

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