[FullCalendar Reactive] Events not showing on the calendar when too many created
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Good morning!

I am experiencing a problem that maybe someone has already solved. I am creating a lot of events (filling 3 months), the first 2 months fills without problems but the third one gets only 1 week filled. When I delete one event, another event appears on the month that should be filled but visually isn't.

Here the third month filled gets only 1 week filled.

Here I remove one event and another one appears.

If anything else is needed, just let me know so I can provide more information about the problem. Thanks in advance.

Best regards.


Hi Ismael,

Is your event source an aggregate? If yes, does it have Max Records property set?

If not, please share your solution so I can take a look. 



The solution was so obvious that I did not think about that...

Thank you again Pavithra! 

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