How to check whether activity is being processed? - "Activity already being processed


Currently I am struggling with the following:

I have a parent process with multiple sub processes. Each time a sub process ends, it tries to close a wait in the parent process. The On close in the wait checks whether all sub processes are indeed finished before actually closing the waiting activity.

However, as these subprocesses run asynchronously it happens that multiple subprocesses try to close the wait in the parent process at the same time resulting in the error: "Activity is already being processed. ".

I tried to check whether the activity status is equal to 'Waiting' before trying to close it, but that doesn't solve the problem. 

Can someone help me?

Hi Maud,

in System eSpace you have the tables where that information is saved:


Thanks for the quick response, but I am already using that table. Via Activity I filter on the 'Waiting' activity status. Unfortunately the time between the two close actions is so small that the status is still Waiting right before, such that it continues to close the wait. However when it actually does try to close the wait it is already processing.

Hi Maud,

In my opinion, instead of checking codition ("Waiting") in OnClose of the wait, you can try the check in somewhere like OnClose of sub process. If it satisfy the codition then call Close wait.

Hope this help,


Hi Khuong,

Thank you for the quick response. I am sorry for not being clear, that is indeed what I am doing. So before calling the Close Wait action I check whether the wait activity is still 'waiting'. But unfortunately this still does not work.

Hi Maud, 

Is it possible to share the sample .oml file? Or some captures of logic may help better to understand the issue.



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